About coach Bre

My name is Brein (Bre) Fowler. I am one of the coordinators and head coach for GKG and STMA community ed. I have 17+ years experience as a gymnast(usagjo, high school, and college), and 7+ as a coach. I have 4 beautiful boys and a pretty good husband, that I love so very much. We also have a dog and a cat, I would like a pig but my husband said never, so I will have to wait a little on that one. We love sports, the outdoors and having fun. I pride myself on being approachable, honest(almost to a fault), caring yet stern, and always having the girls best interest above all. I'm a pretty open book, so be careful what you ask!

About Coach Christy

I’ve been with Golden Knight Gymnastics for 6 years and I'm the other program coordinator. I’ve coached recreation classes and team. I started because I have a daughter who loves the sport. I continue because I love the program and the gymnasts I coach. I have so much fun coaching and I wouldn’t change my choice to become a coach. I’m super proud of all the athletes and can’t wait to see how far they will go!




About Coach Kristi

I have been coaching at GKG for 8 years. I started as a mom sitting in the bleachers watching my soon to be kindergartner try a sport she begged and pleaded for. I am not a sit and watch kinda gal so I offered to volunteer my time in the gym and ended up with a job. I love coaching (playing and encouraging while teaching) and love the fact that I get to live my life in the gym alongside my kids who also love sports. I have been married to Jake who is my high school sweetheart for 18 years and who, I am sure is the only man who can logically and lovingly put up with all my dreams and quirky ways. I went to beauty school and worked in several salons and spas in Iowa and Colorado. I also have a cosmetology licence in Minnesota but keep it in a box for a later time in life (maybe). I have now been coaching longer than I did hair professionally. I have two children who I adore and thank God every day for because they make me the person I want to be. Kassie, who will be 15(yikes!) is on the STMA High School team and involved in everything offered in life and Will.  I will be floating with the Golden and Royal teams and also coach in our recreational program. I am so excited for our competition season this year because I know our girls will try hard, have fun and finish the season with amazing memories and knowledge to take them through the rest of their lives. See you all in the gym!

About Coach Kirk

I was coerced into spotting/coaching  and they have been trying to get rid of me since.

My day job is a Principal Enterprise Architect for which roughly translates into a computer dork. I have many nicknames (BBB) and regardless where I go or who I am with, I am the center of most jokes. I played many sports growing up and wrestled in college which means I wore a leotard for a lot of my life.

I am married to Genna and I am not sure how I got so lucky. I have two amazing kids and along with the original coercion, I really started coaching to be involved in the things she loves. I also coach my son's baseball team and was lucky enough to coach one of the gymnasts there as well.. (Vivian)

Now I coach because your kids are awesome...








Team & Rec Coaches

Bre  Fowler- Gymnastic Coordinator, Team & Rec Coach

Christy Dahmen- Gymnastic Coordinator, Team & Rec Coach

Kristi McKeown-Team Coach 

Kirk Haddad-Team Coach

Cassandra Emerson-Team & Rec Coach

Katie Strand-Team & Rec Coach