GKG Team Store

Our Club Store is officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS!

Our store is run through Squad Locker, a professional and amazing company that offers name brand, quality options, logo'd specially for our club!

What you order will arrive in a timely manner...right to your door!

Stop on in and check it out!

Any questions, feel free to email  goldenknightsboard@gmail.com!

GKG Fundraiser

(ongoing...no expiration date)


*** We have created an account with FlipGive. By simply clicking on the link above and shopping the brands you trust and love...you will help our program raise money! Some brands will give 1% back...some more. They run incentive weeks and programs also!  ---> Here is a list of the brands you can find within FlipGive:


There is no date or time in which this must be done. You are welcome to shop within our site as many times as you like, as often or infrequently as you like! I urge you to stop in and take a look though! I was SUPER impressed with how easy it was.

---> If you have any questions about this...check this link out FIRST:http://bit.ly/FlipGive-STMA-HelpOtherwise, please feel free to reach out to me at goldenknightsboard@gmail.com ;)

Happy Shopping, all! 

STMA Youth Gymnastics' FlipGive Site! Shop NOW! :)

FlipGive gives you the opportunity to shop the amazing brands you normally do...all while helping our club earn rewards! Simply go onto the site, shop around, and help us earn money for our program and its families!